Anda McAfee


Anda McAfee has been a resident of Tempe, AZ for the last few decades.

Anda McAfee is running for the SRP Board of Directors due to a strong interest in renewable energy.  As a Chemical Engineering student, Anda took many electives geared toward a career in Environmental Engineering.  Plans changed and she launched into a career in the semiconductor industry.  Anda currently works at ON Semiconductor as a Director of Corporate Program Management leading global teams that deliver positive outcomes that support the company’s business, strategic and financial goals. Now is the time for Anda to return to her original passion supporting clean air and clean water.

During her years in Arizona, the Arizona population has more than doubled. During her life, the world population has more than doubled.  At this population growth rate, we need to transition away from fossil fuels.  As a board member Anda will work with SRP to incorporate more renewable energy sources to ensure that clean energy is a commodity that will be available and affordable for generations to come.

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